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Mobiles for Youth Workforce Development

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The Mobiles for Youth Workforce Development (mYWD) Working Group is a community of practice within the mEducation Alliance dedicated to exploring the use of mobile technologies to increase access to employment for young people and provide them with opportunities to develop their workforce skills. Programs of interest include, job matching applications, vocational and softskills trainings, microwork opportunities, and projects that connect small-scale producers to value chains. The overarching purpose of this Working Group is to expand the research base around what works in mobile technology for youth workforce development.  The three objectives associated with that goal are:

  1. To establish a shared and comprehensive understanding of current activities and emerging trends in the use of mobile technologies for youth workforce development programming;
  2. To identify best practices by convening practitioners and specialists who are advancing the field;
  3. To promote continual knowledge-sharing by developing and disseminating publicly available learning products; and
  4. To offer a platform and supportive space for working group members to discuss, share, and learn from one another.
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