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We welcome any questions, comments, and/or expressions of interest for strategic partnership opportunities for the following activities. [Please note that all donations to our innovation fund are processed through Stripe, a secure payment platform. The application for the mEducation Alliance registered as a 501(c)3 is pending].


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Help Spread a Love of Math Worldwide by financially supporting the Math Attacks! Open Innovation Competition – Crowdfunding Campaign.

We want to raise $50,000 to help bring math games to kids in developing countries.

At our Play Every Day symposia series event, the mEducation Alliance, partnering with globally recognized math-focused organizations and champions and other development partners, launched a crowdfunding campaign for Math Attacks!

Based on the success of this campaign, we will officially launch a prize call for the development of a technical application which will enable the receipt, review, collation, and dissemination of math game descriptions, particularly to households typically found in low-resource developing country context.  Importantly, we want this initiative to a) inspire and nurture kids to love playing math games and b) that these games advance identified learning goals. A successful crowd-funded campaign will enable us to provide incentive prizes to Math Attacks! app developers.

Please see our Math Attacks! page for more information, share news of this call, and consider supporting this crowdfunding campaign by donating through our EdTech Innovation Fund icon above.

Strategic Partners:


Related Activities:

Virtual Math Game Festivals – The mEducation will work with global and regional math associations and champions, Ministries of Education, and other international, national and local collaborators to share meaningful lessons and joyful experiences of math games which can align with national math and other educational standards.  

Strategic Partner: Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Math Dice and Math Dice Tournaments – During our Play Every Day Symposia event, there were frequent references to the use of inexpensive and commonly accessible household objects to support learning.   On several occasions, the use of dice to support math skills acquisition was referenced, including specifically Math Dice and Math Dice Tournaments. We’d welcome your interest and suggestions about how to organize math dice competitions observing appropriate and local safety and social distancing guidelines.

Strategic Partner: ThinkFun

Youth Digital Champions (YDC)

Youth Digital Champions (YDC) is bringing together public and private sector stakeholders to build upon youth interest and passion in digital literacy instruction and application to strengthen community development and self-reliance efforts in lower resource, developing country context.

Among other activities, YDC will:

a) raise awareness of and promote youth (15 -29 yrs. old) access to digital literacy skills training, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities and b) identify, advance, and support digitally-enabled young leaders in international, national, and local community development issues.


mEducation Alliance EdTech Academy

The EdTech Academy will support the sharing of good practices, lessons learned, and practical case study examples for edtech project funding, design, research and evaluation, deployment, and replication, principally for developing country context. Target audiences will include policymakers, practitioners, researchers and university communities. The content for physical and virtual course delivery will be co-developed among Alliance members and other strategic content partners.  Do you have course content you would like to contribute to the EdTech Academy? Please let us know.

Related Activities/Interests: 

Escape The …. for Education – The mEducation Alliance will work with education researchers and game developers to catalyze the use of and research concerning low-tech and non-tech cooperative puzzle-based games based on escape rooms to enhance educational opportunities for learners in low-resource settings.

Strategic Partner: Scott Nicholson, Professor of Game Design, Wilfrid Laurier University

Open Innovation Challenges in Education – The mEducation Alliance members and strategic partners will catalyze the use, adoption, and sharing of lessons  about education-focused open innovation competitions.

For more information concerning any of the above, including how to join as a strategic partner, please contact the mEducation Alliance at meducation@meducationalliance.org.

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About the mEducation Alliance 

The mEducation Alliance is a non-governmental organization  focused on the evidence-driven and sustainable role of technology in education to  advance quality educational outcomes. Formed in 2010, the mEducation Alliance is a  unique, multi-stakeholder convening platform for government and donor policymakers, other investors, researchers, and practitioners to work together, particularly in lower-resource, developing country contexts.