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What is Math Power? The members of the mEducation Alliance have joined forces with a consortium of globally recognized math organizations and champions (see our Technical Advisory Committee members below) to advance a series of activities under the banner of Math Power! The Power of Math in Everyday Life. Among other activities, we are inviting collaborators (in-kind, technical, and funders) to support a range of tech and non-tech math interventions including:

Math Power! game “engines” –  the use of various media platforms to collect and disseminate low and no-tech math games and math-focused game descriptions;

Global and Regional Virtual Math Fairs – catalyzing knowledge exchange opportunities among global and local math champions and educators, parents, and other community intermediaries about high-quality and tested math-enrichment activities. The announcement about the first of a series of Math Power! Virtual Math Fair regional events will be announced shortly through our e-news; and,

Matchmaking/Networking – facilitating matchmaking opportunities with math-focused stakeholders from within and across countries to support conceptualization and design, deployment/scale, research, capacity building, technical exchanges and funding opportunities.

Goal: The goal of Math Power! is to inspire kids, particularly those in developing countries and out-of-school because of COVID-19, to joyfully engage with “math” via low cost tech and non-tech interventions. Math Power! is intended as a fun and provocative way to showcase the global math community’s proactive response to combat the impact of the COVID-19 crisis to reach learners, primarily in out-of-school settings, and to share the love of math as something which should be entertaining and meaningful regardless of the circumstances.

Why: More than 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet are affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has interrupted traditional school and educational content access and the global community is seeking global solutions to help support learning instruction during this period of time and in response and recovery efforts.

Collaboration: The organizers are seeking partners in the following areas:

  • Financing: Individual and organizational funding to support administration, incentive prizes, field testing, research, and staged deployment.
  • Social Media: Assistance with social media and other promotion campaigns to attract attention to our Math Power! activities;
  • Communication and media platforms: For lowering the costs and supporting the sustainability and replicability of math game content receipt and dissemination into households, typically found in lower-income countries.
  • Open and crowd translation: Conversion of promising math game descriptions into local languages, and,
  • Field level testing and deployment: To validate demand-driven nature of the initiative and support staged roll-out, feedback loops, and future refinements of various Math Power! activities.

Math Power! Technical Advisory Committee:

Math Power! is one of the signature activities of the Alliance designed to fill specific gaps of access to quality education in low-resource, developing country context.

Want to partner with us on Math Power!

Please contact the mEducation Alliance at for more information and please reference “Math Power!” in your subject heading.

About the mEducation Alliance 

The mEducation Alliance is a non-governmental organization  focused on the evidence-driven and sustainable role of technology in education to  advance quality educational outcomes. Formed in 2010, the mEducation Alliance is a  unique, multi-stakeholder convening platform for government and donor policymakers, other investors, researchers, and practitioners to work together, particularly in lower-resource, developing country contexts.