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Overview: The EdTech Academy will support the sharing of good practices, lessons learned, and practical case study examples for EdTech project funding, design, research and evaluation, deployment, and replication, principally for developing country contexts via asynchronous and synchronous courses that will be delivered through a variety of media channels and diverse formats to allow for maximum access and impact.

Target audiences: Policymakers, education administrators, donors, practitioners, researchers, university communities, and other beneficiaries.

Content: The content for physical and virtual course delivery will be initially sourced from and/or co-developed among Alliance Members and other subject matter and strategic content partners.

Formats: Initial EdTech Academy training modules will be designed for generally orientation to a topic (e.g., 2 hours of instructional materials) through a combination of overview videos and on/offline module access.

Topics: Topic selection will be informed by existing content availability, particularly of current and future collaborating content partners, and adaptability, resources, and feedback loops with target beneficiaries.  Please see illustrative topic offerings below.  

Illustrative course offerings will include: 

Digital Literacy 101 (see series description below)

Technology and Ed subject matters (e.g., math, literacy)

Ed Tech and Cross-Sectoral Linkages (e.g., health, agriculture)

Public/Private Sector financing landscape for promising EdTech

Universal Design for Learning and Technology

Gender and technology  

Technology in Crisis and Conflict settings

Open Innovation Competitions

Play and Technology for Lifelong Learning

Digital Literacy 101 – 10 training modules (currently under development)

These materials will provide an overview and guidance to policymakers and practitioners about what is understood by the term “digital literacy,” its relevance for international development, key questions to ask about implementing/integrating digital literacy initiatives across sectors, and possible partners and directions for digital literacy interventions which can be evaluated, replicated and/or scaled. 

In its initial EdTech Academy offering, Digital Literacy 101 modules will cover the following topics:

Module 1: What is Digital Literacy (e.g., Digital Competencies & Skills)

Module 2: Pre-Computational Skills: How do you teach digital literacy without access to computers? 

Module 3: Coding Skills 

Module 4: Misinformation/Disinformation

Module 5: Safety/Security 

Module 6: Web Literacy 

Module 7: Mobile Literacy 

Module 8: Digital Literacy, Equity & Inclusion

Module 9: Digital Literacy for Youth, Entrepreneurship & Employment 

Module 10: Digital Literacy for Community Development

Want to partner with us on the EdTech Academy? 

Do you have training materials and content regarding any of the EdTech Academy subjects identified above? Would you like to support the EdTech Academy financially or technically? If so, we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please contact us mEducation Alliance at meducation@meducationalliance.org for more information and please reference “EdTech Academy” in your subject heading.

About the mEducation Alliance 

The mEducation Alliance is a non-governmental organization  focused on the evidence-driven and sustainable role of technology in education to  advance quality educational outcomes. Initially formed in 2010, the mEducation Alliance is a  unique, multi-stakeholder convening platform for government and donor policymakers, other investors, researchers, and practitioners to work together, particularly in lower-resource, developing country contexts.