The Mobiles for Education (mEducation) Alliance presents 

The 2020 mEducation Alliance Symposia Series  

The COVID-19 pandemic has put in sharp focus the timely need for creative responses to support learners around the world, particularly when traditional educational delivery models are upended. Games, Play, and Technology can be used to support  learners, particularly in non-traditional learning environments. This year the mEducation Alliance decided to expand the symposium into a series of virtual monthly events bringing together non-tech and tech global ed game developers, with play-based experts, with education specialists, and policymakers all focused on supporting learners in low-resource, developing country context.

This is our 10th annual event so a special occasion for a year-long celebration with organizers and attendees! Our virtual monthly events include a series of presentations, dialogue, and creative fora to share experiences among global audiences. Scroll down to find a complete list of past and upcoming virtual symposia events.

All Virtual Symposia Events

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Going Global: Adapting High-Quality Ed Tech Games for Low-Resource Settings

Going Global: Adapting High-Quality EdTech Games for Low-Resource Settings took place on June 19, 2020 and featured ten US-based educational game developers who have received prior US government grant support for their high-quality educational games and are hoping to expand the international reach of their products.



Coding Global: A Digital Literacy Partners Forum

Coding Global: A Digital Literacy Partners Forum  took place on July 15, 2020 and featured organizations working on education technology interventions that teach coding and computational thinking, particularly in low-resource settings.



COVID-19 EdTech Pitch Days 

The mEducation Alliance, along with the EdTech Hub and the Global Innovation Exchange (GIE), launched a call for ideas on April 21st, 2020 to respond to the learning emergency caused by COVID-19 school closures in low- and middle-income countries. For a list of all the pitch presentations please click HERE.




Play Every Day

Play Every Day took place from September 14 -16, 2020 as our largest virtual series with 782 registrants listening to presentations from 80+ presenters from 25 countries. This virtual event featured a range of tech and non-tech play-based interventions for formal and non-formal educational settings. Tracks for these presentations included adapting games for offline learning, game development in low resource settings, three Lego Foundation-hosted workshops, and play-based learning for math and science among other topics.



If you haven’t participated in previous Symposia, you are in for a real treat! Please see highlights from our 2020 Play Every Day symposia event and 2019 Symposia focused on Digital Literacy and Skills for Education and Development to see who typically attends and how this global event is organized.


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Additional Information

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About the mEducation Alliance 

The mEducation Alliance is a non-governmental organization  focused on the evidence-driven and sustainable role of technology in education to  advance quality educational outcomes. Initially formed in 2010, the mEducation Alliance is a  unique, multi-stakeholder convening platform for government and donor policymakers, other investors, researchers, and practitioners to work together, particularly in lower-resource, developing country contexts.